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Dropbox – A Cloud Backup Service Provider October 8, 2015

Dropbox is a simple to use; free online cloud backup storage . Know about cloud backup and recovery in details from You can easily drag your important files in or pull them out. It gets you 2GB of space absolutely free. You also have an option of paying a little fee and enjoying a huge storage space on this backup service provider. It lets you organise your files by storing them in folders. Also, transfer huge data without worrying about any limit on the file size as long as it does not cross you total storage permissible limits. The drawback of Dropbox is that it fails to monitor your files for any changes.

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Indian Market And Laminate Wood Flooring-A Brief Look September 21, 2015

The Indian Flooring market is expected to be 705Mn square-metres in 2015 and growing at 15-20% YOY. The permanent floor market is still only 65% of the market. Of this the traditional floors i.e. stone, marble, tiles etc. form the major portion of the market. The Wooden Floor market is only at 3% valued at 1,100crores. The commercial sector forms 60% of the market. Over 80% of the wooden flooring in India is imported and this is true even for the laminated floors.

The laminated market is about 45% of this. This market is growing at a faster rate of 30% for the last few years due increase in disposable incomes and increasing interest in “Fashionable and Western” style housing. The middle class and commercial spaces have been the biggest consumers due to an attractive price range of INR 75-250 per square feet. The biggest challenge this segment is facing is the cheap imports from China, which however are of a very low quality leading to dissatisfaction and bad word of mouth. Get trade quality DIY and home improvement products from

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Hotel Management Services Is Not Restricted. September 18, 2015

Hotel Management Services is wide with services just not restricted to hotels but extended to different other industries to reduce help desk calls. Industries like Airline companies, retail industries, theme parks, casinos, spas, coffee chains, pubs, bars, multiplexes, BPO’s and KPO’s consider employees from hotel management services. Hotel Management is so diverse that no candidate is left empty handed. Hotel Management Services trains a candidate from preparing food to managing the diverse roles in a large-scale hotel. This diversity of roles requires different levels of preparation. The demand has increased with widespread growth in the industry. Innovation with talent takes you to heights far above your dreams.

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Plumbers Qualified With Plumbing Courses Are Paid More Than Hydraulic Engineers:

Earlier corporate companies approached hydraulic technicians to sort issues with hydraulic systems and the engineers tapped the issue in few minutes and produced a heavy bill for service offered. In order to reduce the company expenses most people have started to depend on plumbers. Plumbers undergone plumbing courses are considered as specialist whereas hydraulic engineers are not so and plumbers are mostly licensed or at least few services like gas fitting should definitely be licensed. Therefore a perception is created that most plumbers are specialist and licensed and companies have started approaching plumbers for support service in order to reduce the service charges considerably. Check legal license at before you opt for any course.

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Embellish Work Space With High Gloss Furniture For A Professional Workspace April 22, 2015

Attractive work space is very important for ones business to thrive well. The trends in interior decoration changes so frequently; we must keep abreast with the latest and most glamorous looks. After all, new business thrives when we are up to date! High Gloss furniture are the most sought after furniture that is preferred to decorate work area. Blends of white and half white or even two tone colors are widely accepted in front office regions to maintain warmth and sophistication. Good looking furniture is always a crowd pleaser and gives a rich cozy look to the space. Also they are functional, requiring very less to zero maintenance. Thus a blessing in disguise for office interiors. Buy high gloss furniture in UK from

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