I have decided to offer for sale the following trees:

Siberian Elm  SOLD

Korean Hornbeam  SOLD

Procumbens Juniper £850 Again such a cheap offering price. SOLD

Mountain Maple £550 Owned from a seedling for thirty years. Trunk taper is incredible. AVAILABLE

‘Stumpy!’ £550 Massive trunk. Find another one … I think not. AVAILABLE

Hinoki Cypress  SOLD

Nagasaki Crab Apple  SOLD

Price wise I am happy to talk to you individually. Dimensions to follow. I have severe arthritis thus I must reluctantly call it a day after three decades.

 Oh health? 100%. Would you expect any less.

All wooden display tables SOLD

My s/s & other tools, many rolls of wire, tool caddy … is available £200 all in.

1.6 metre high solid granite lantern. SOLD

Smaller solid granite lantern £175. In five parts easily carried.A China Dream Lantern.

Any tree not sold by the time we move into our new place in September will reluctantly go to eBay, although I’m chewing it over and might just keep one bonsai. If I do it’ll not be the one you’d imagine. :)

Some sample images of each tree.

Procumbens 200314Stumpy for EBF

 Maple on FB reduced size Mountain Maple strip Prior to strip TR3Stumpy strip

Tools-1 Cutters wire caddy wire Stumpy for EBF

20 thoughts on “Bonsai FOR SALE

  1. Hi mike,

    Sorry to hear you are parting with more trees.

    I would be interested in the crab apple tree, stand and tools/pots.

    I have your mobile number, should I call you ?

    The beech group is doing very well.


    • Nice to hear from you. Yes fine by all means give me a ring. Stands are £70 each for the solid Cherry & Walnut; both made in the USA by a craftsman. I have no pots left they have all been sold now. The Wire caddy toolbox I will price up along with tools and enter on blog. Again, good to hear from you.

      I am now in the city of Lincoln.

    • I’ll be able to answer that question as soon as we have unpacked. The Cherry and Walnut are approximately (from memory) around 17-19 inches long. I will come back to you.

    • Solid Cherry is 46cm x 36cm. Solid Walnut is 44cm x 33.5cm. When I say solid I mean solid. No veneers have been used in their construction. They were made in the USA by a master craftsman.

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