I have decided to offer for sale the following trees:

Siberian Elm Around £XXXX  (In Japanese books re best trees in the world) UNDER OFFER

Korean Hornbeam £1,250 triple trunk and this is CHEAP!

Procumbens Juniper £850 Again such a cheap offering price.

Mountain Maple £550 Owned from a seedling for thirty years. Trunk taper is incredible.

‘Stumpy!’ £550 Massive trunk. Find another one … I think not.

Hinoki Cypress  SOLD

Nagasaki Crab Apple £750 You’ll not find better. In excess of 1200 flowers every year.

Price wise I am happy to talk to you individually. Dimensions to follow. I have severe arthritis thus I must reluctantly call it a day after three decades. The solid Cherry wood and solid Walnut stands along with a tool caddy complete with all stainless steel tools.

No doubt this blog entry will be talked about by whoever and will likely turn up on wee trees et al. Chat away folks, it is an honest submission. Oh health? 100%. Would you expect any less.

Some sample images of each tree.

Nagasaki Crab Apple March end 2011

Korean Hornbeam RED

Hinoki 2014 March Procumbens 200314Stumpy for EBF S:Elm Halloween 2012 October 11th S:Elm 2012 Korean Hornbeam May 17th 2012

 Maple on FB reduced size Mountain Maple strip Prior to strip TR3Siberian end articleSibe close up post trimStumpy stripKorean HB sunny day cream wall S:Elm final Halloween for 2012

DSC02918 cherry4 walnutsl smcherry4 Tools-1 Cutters wire caddy wire Stumpy for EBF

15 thoughts on “Bonsai FOR SALE

  1. Great trees can u give me some more info as interested in buying a few possibly
    Can u give me a contact number to call u pls
    Thanks Shaun

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