My rather nice Scots Pine is currently available. Re-potted during 2011 into the commissioned pot from ERIN. Stands 60″ tall from slate to peak. Easy to move about as the trunk can be lent against the shoulder.

Price is £995 plus a small tree to be provided that is agreeable. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have a smaller tree and the finances to proceed. Can be seen at my home and ready for you to work it. 100% happy and VERY healthy.

pine b pine c pine d pine e repot 3

5 thoughts on “Bonsai FOR SALE

  1. Hi Mike,
    Hope you are well. Is the hawthorn the english or japenese? And are any of them on your bonsai passion pages, also is there a picture of the Scots pine available as I am sure the oak would welcome someone with a Somerset accent to talk to!!

  2. Oh dear and this damp/wet weather won’t be helping either. Been in touch with Daryl hopefully she is doing us a picture of Gavin’s house I saw the one she did of your dog on her new website it was very good!

    • Tis the air-pressure mostly Dave; as opposed to say wet weather. That website of Daryl’s is actually really nice. Yes, the picture of Jack was a Christmas present in 2011. Thankfully Jack is still with us and coming up eleven. “Love me love my dog;” has always pretty much been it for me :)

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